Finest British Cheeses

Ilchester® Cheese was born in 1962 when founder Ken Seaton discovered that he could keep his cheddar fresh by dipping it in beer! Tasting rather good, Beer Cheese was created…We pride ourselves on the quality of our cheeses; we aim to surprise and delight you with an ever-evolving collection of British specialty cheeses. Our product development team are passionate foodies who use a wide variety of different ingredients when creating our cheese. Some of our best-tasting and award winning cheeses include Applewood®, Ilchester® Beer Cheese. Ilchester® Wensleydale and Cranberry, Ilchester® Wensleydale with Apricots and the mouth-watering Ilchester® Double Gloucester.

Available Formats:


Ilchester® Cheese Advent Calendar

Ilchester® Cheese Advent Calendar is the ultimate calendar for every cheese lover. Featuring cheesy jokes and 24 individually wrapped cheeses in 5 different varieties: Jarlsberg®, Applewood®, Ilchester® Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberries, Ilchester® Cheddar Cheese and Ilchester® Red Leicester Cheese. The calendar has a unique ‘book style’ packaging design, allowing one half to be torn off after the initial 12 days of Christmas to maximise fridge space. Merry Cheesemas!

Applewood® Cheese

Applewood® is a British Cheddar with a delicate smoky flavour and a lovely smooth texture, all finished with a dusting of paprika for good measure. Standing the test of time, Applewood® was first created in 1965 in the heart of South West England, retaining an enthusiastic fan club to this day. Perfect for the whole family, it is made for baking, melting or just nibbling!