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Brunost is a traditional Norwegian cheese that brings a part of Norway to your table. Made from a unique blend of the finest Norwegian cow & goat milk with cow’s cream, it has a rich caramel taste with a slight hint of sharpness. Use a cheese planer to thinly slice, and enjoy on bread, as a topping, or as an ingredient.

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Ski-Queen is considered Norway's national cheese; a cozy wool sweater and a slice of bread with Ski Queen is just about as Norwegian as it can get! Made from the finest blend of Norwegian cow and goats’ milk as well as cows’ cream, it has a rich caramel taste with a slight hint of sharpness. The Brunost recipe has been around since 1863! Enjoy the traditional way by thinly slicing with a cheese planer, and enjoying with rustic bread for breakfast.

Ekte Geitost

Ekte Geitost is a traditional Brunost with ancestry dating back hundreds of years. Ekte is a 100% goats' milk variety, made from the finest Norwegian goats’ milk and cream. The natural sugars within the milk and cream are caramelized in the cheese-making process, resulting in a fudgy, intensely-flavored cheese. Enjoy on fresh bread, waffles, bagels, or add to sauces or other dishes for salty-sweet, slightly tangy flavor.