Contributors to the Good Life

The Norseland Story

TINE, Norseland’s parent company, is owned by about 7,000 farmers: their agricultural traditions, knowledge, and passion is the foundation of our business. The Norseland family - farmers, employees, and partners - continue to build a food ecosystem that spans continents and generations.

Good food is the basis for many of life’s good moments. So for us, it’s essential that our food is ethically produced with award-winning animal welfare standards, traditional recipes and healthy, clean ingredients.

We aim to cultivate a global mindset that connects families around the dinner table to our farmers and the animals they care for. From the pristine Norwegian countryside to the mineral-rich pastures of Spain and green fields of Ireland, together we’re creating a thriving community that takes on social and environmental responsibilities. We understand our contribution impacts current and all future generations; we’re committed to doing the right thing today and tomorrow.

We don’t just live life: we contribute to the Good Life. 


TINE’s is owned by about 10,000 farmers: their farming traditions, knowledge, and passion is the foundation of our business. Our aim is to produce delicious foods from clean, raw materials, with close interaction between nature, agriculture, consumers, and trade.


TINE’s ambition is to be the best Norwegian food industry stakeholder when it comes to sustainability. Our goal to create value that also contributes to environmental and social responsibility, by reducing emissions, waste, and pollution. Since 2007, TINE has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 14%, with a goal of cutting emissions by 40% by 2030.

Animal Welfare

We believe healthy animals means good animal welfare and low antibiotic use. TINE has developed and implemented an animal welfare indicator, a tool that will provide individual farmers with important information on how animal welfare can be improved. This indicator is based on production data recorded in Kukontrollen and uses the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) standard for assessment of animal welfare. Norseland is committed to working with partners domestically and abroad who meet TINE’s animal welfare standards.

Our Capabilities

  • Production


    Domestic cheese manufacturing and product conversions; brand focused with strategic private label reach.

  • Distribution


    40 years of trade relationships, with nationwide domestic and international shipping capabilities.

  • Logistics


    Efficient operations for all import & export, supported by domestic customer service.

  • Sales


    Our national sales team and broker network reaches the majority of eating occasions via retail, club, mass, c-store, & food service channels.

  • Innovation


    Our owned production, cutting, and repack facilities enable new product development with customer flexibility. 

  • Marketing

    Marketing, Brand Strategy, PR & Communication

    Trade and Consumer Marketing: Raising brand awareness and consideration for both in-home and out-of-home eating opportunities.

    Brand Strategy: Building business ambitions and shaping experiences.

    PR & Communication: Crafting a compelling story and content strategy to captivate and engage audiences.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    Internal team manages day-to-day customer needs, from forecasting and order placement to delivery.

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