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Norseland’s Valerie Liu Talks Key Product Swaps to Lift Sales Amid Back-to-Schoo

Norseland’s Valerie Liu Talks Key Product Swaps to Lift Sales Amid Back-to-Schoo

By Norseland, Posted in Company News
October 04, 2022

Summer vacations are winding down, and family schedules are ramping up. The back-to-school sales opportunities are back, and to give your stores an edge, I connected with Norseland’s Manager of Brand Strategy and Communications Valerie Liu.

Valeria Lui, Brand Strategy & Communications Norseland.

Valerie Liu, Manager of Brand Strategy and Communications, Norseland

“Healthy snacking options continue to lead,” Valerie assures, explaining that cheese is increasingly viewed as a healthy snacking option. “Retailers can help parents spot healthful lunchbox and snack choices in the specialty deli department. Highlight and cross-merchandise perfect back-to-school pairings, recipes, and nutrients on shelf tags and point of purchase displays.”

With a portfolio that includes sliced Jarlsberg, Jarlsberg Cheese and Old Amsterdam Snacks, and Folios Cheese Wraps, Norseland has the scoop on transitioning into back-to-school season, emphasizing swapping in what consumers already look for with a healthier, better-for-you alternative whose quality and flavor will hook repeat purchases.


“Jarlsberg Cheese Snacks can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Jarlsberg cheese is famous around the world for its characteristic mild, sweet, and nutty flavor and its large round holes. Old Amsterdam Bites are also a convenient, all-natural, on-the-go snack; they are individually wrapped and each portion contains only 60 calories,” Valerie details.

Individually wrapped Jarlsberg Cheese Snacks pair well with grapes, pretzels, nuts, and dried fruit in the lunchbox or briefcase, and can complement sliced Jarlsberg that many already love to include on their sandwiches. Meanwhile, Old Amsterdam—a premium aged Gouda with a rich, full-flavored taste profile and smooth texture—goes well with apples, pretzels, and nuts.

“The unique offering in our portfolio is our Folios Cheese Wraps,” Valerie concludes. “Folios cheese wraps are lightly baked roll-ups made with 100 percent cheese. Alternative to a wrap, you can crisp and shape them into chips or crisps, pizza crust, or shape them into taco shells with no extra cheese needed!”

Low-carb, grain free, gluten-free and 11 g protein per wrap, Folios can be swapped in as a wrap or rolled into a favorite sandwich or can be eaten straight out of the package as is.

As Valerie puts it, it’s all about the swap. Present shoppers the option to swap bread with made-from-100-percent-all-cheese wraps, no grains. Swap string cheese snacks with a holey one. Swap sandwich cheese with a “Good-A.” It’s the perfect new look for a new school year.

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