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Couturier North America


For more than 30 years, Couturier has remained the most recognized, original and premium imported French Goat Cheese, found at specialty cheese and gourmet shops around the world. We’re dedicated to making the creamiest goat cheese on the market. We bring our French roots and expertise to our Hudson Valley facility in New York State, where we use the same premium European ingredients and classic French cheesemaking techniques that guarantee the authentic taste and experience of Couturier. Available in 4 oz Logs, 10.5oz Logs, 2.2 lbs Logs, and Crumbles. Learn more at www.couturierna.com


It’s no secret that our tangy, French goat cheeses can bring life to any dish. Capra is a select line of goat cheese with traditional flavors, in bulk sizes, created for the food service industry. We provide authentic, quality goat cheeses made from our traditional French techniques, to enhance and inspire your chef’s creations. Available in 10.5 oz Logs, 2.2 lbs Logs, 4 lbs tubs, and 2 lbs Crumbles. Learn more on our website.

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