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Norwegian Specialty

Norway is rich in lush grasslands where the cows thrive in sparsely populated areas and the rivers flow clear and clean from the mountain plateau. These pristine conditions combine to make Norwegian milk among the finest in the world. And from fine milk comes fine Norwegian specialty cheeses -- Ridder, Ski Queen Gjetost, Ekté Gjetost and Snøfrisk.

Ski-Queen Gjetost Ski-Queen Gjetost

(pronounced 'yet-oast')
Norway's traditional brown, fudge like cheese is made from a blend of cows' and goats' milk. Its unique sweet taste is caused by the natural caramelization of the milk sugar or lactose during production.

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Snøfrisk Snøfrisk

Snøfrisk is a white, unripened cream cheese which is easy to spread. The cows cream is used to give the cheese its creamy consistency and mild taste. Its white pure look and mild tangy taste come from the goats milk. The texture of Snøfrisk is smooth and spreadable. The countryside in the homeland of Snøfrisk can evoke all kinds of vivid associations. Snøfrisk has a lot of character; we dare to say more so than other comparable fresh cream cheeses. It is at the same time mild, pleasant, and very easy to use. Snøfrisk cheese is milder than a chèvre, and could be said to belong more to the fromage fraîche family. Snøfrisk cream cheese has a tart, fresh countryside taste, and contains no artificial colourants or preservatives. Made from 80% goats' milk with added cows' cream, Snofrisk produces a mild taste and soft, easy to spread texture.

Snøfrisk is ideal for cheesecakes and dips. It is perfect for cheeseboards and great in sandwiches, on crispbread or on biscuits. Be inspired by our Snøfrisk recipes in our recipes section.

Under the same brand you can find "Snøfrisk hard cheese" made from 100% goat's milk:

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Ekté Gjetost Ekté Gjetost

A unique Norwegian whey cheese made from 100% goat's whey, it's darker than Ski Queen with a richer flavor and firmer texture.

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