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The Top Cancer Fighting Foods -- Jarlsberg® is One of Them!

We’re pleased and indeed very excited to learn about a program segment which recently aired on “The Dr. Oz Show” – May 29th. The segment was about top cancer-fighting foods – with Jarlsberg® on the list as the featured dairy product!

 Eat Wholesome, Everyday Foods to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

It was interesting to learn that everyday foods — those easy to find and generally accessible — such as tangerines and clementines (fresh squeezed), bananas, squash (fresh or frozen) and squid — can help prevent cancer. But the one we’re especially excited about is cheese — specifically Jarlsberg® — which is reported to help prevent lung cancer, responsible for the most cancer-related deaths in both men and women throughout the world, with 10-15% of lung cancers occurring in non-smokers.

jarlsberg cheese prevent cancer

The active cancer fighter in Jarlsberg®? Vitamin K2, a fat-soluble vitamin found in this cheese which helps to suppress tumor blood-vessel growth. According to Dr. William Li—President, Medical Director and co-founder of the Angiogenesis Foundation and Eat to Defeat Cancer™ Initiative — a European study of individuals who consumed two slices of hard cheese daily (such as Jarlsberg, Swiss Emmental and Dutch Gouda) throughout their lives, decreased their risk of lung cancer by 62%.

Most of us know that making wholesome diet choices is key to preventing illness, but there’s mounting evidence that shows eating particular foods can help to starve the formation of certain diseases, like cancer, and we’re proud that Jarlsberg is on that list!



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