Italy’s Number 1 Parmigiano Reggiano 

Parmissimo brand Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is the top brand in Italy. Parmigiano Reggiano is a “Protected Designation of Origin” (PDO) cheese, meaning that it is made in a specific area of northern Italy. PDO Parmigiano Reggiano can only be produced in this area, and only with milk from cows bred in this area. Parmissimo offers multiple PDO options, including Organic, Aged 30 Month, and PDO Red Cow.  Parmissimo is excellent shaved over an arugula salad, grated over roasted veggies or use the rind in a hearty soup.

Available Formats:

Snack Cubes

Food & Wine Pairings

Enjoy Parmissmo with warm, crusty bread, pears, apricots, figs, walnuts, balsamic vinegar and honey. Pair with wines like Dolcetto, Chianti, Lambrusco, and Prosecco.